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Hank Guzel
Bass, Button Accordion, Piano Accordion, Vocal

As a young boy, Hank Guzel, Jr. always had a wish to someday play a musical instrument and perform on stage with the stars! Perhaps it was the musical environment in which he was raised. His father was among Cleveland's most popular accordion virtuosos and his mother made sure there was always music in the family home. At an early age, Hank had developed a strong "ear" for music, performers and various styles and it was obvious that he was already on his way to becoming a future musician. His parents decided to purchase his first instrument, a piano accordion at age thirteen.

By age twenty-five, Hank had decided to pursue another musical interest - the electric bass. Little did he realize, this would become the instrument that would open the door for his childhood dreams. Within six months, Hank was playing bass with a small button accordion band. Eventually, his professional career would take off, and lead him to performances with some of the most notable musicians including Joey Miskulin, Walter Ostanek and America's Polka King, the late Frankie Yankovic. To date, he has performed with dozens of All-Occasion groups and polka music bands.

One of Hank's favorite pastime's has been running the "karaoke" night at a local Cleveland establishment for the last several years. This experience has enabled him to develop a strong singing ability.

Aware of Hank's solid musical background and pleasant personality, Joey Tomsick asked him to join the JTO in 1998. Together, they have incorporated Hank's excellent vocals and musicianship into a new sound for the band. Fans of country music especially enjoy his repertoire of popular country hits, such as "Friends in Low Places" and "I Just Wanna Dance With You".

In 1999, the band released it's award-winning "Smile" album, and for the first time ever, Hank was featured on a solo vocal track for the song "Loveland". Currently plans are underway to incorporate Hank's accordion talents with Joey's, as they team up for an old-fashioned button box routine!

He is a true star with the Joey Tomsick Orchestra and fans would certainly agree!

Hank Guzel Awards:

1999: Recording of the Year "Smile"
2000: Sideman of the Year, ASPF
2005: Westpark Slovenian Home Man of the Year
2007: Sideman of the Year, ASPF
2009: Band of the Year, The Joey Tomsick Orchestra, ASPF
2009: Recording of the Year "Polka Funhouse"
2009: Sideman of the Year, ASPF

Hank fun Hank fun Joey & Hank Hank playing Bass Hank on the button box