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Joey Tomsick Orchestra - Proud of Cleveland

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Proud of Cleveland

The album that paved the way for the Joey Tomsick Orchestra! The famous Proud of Cleveland album was released during Cleveland, Ohio's "turn-around" years - and was endorsed by the then Mayor of Cleveland, George Voinovich.

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Proud of Cleveland

Click on speaker to hear samples!

  1. Proud of Cleveland Listen
  2. Tomsick’s Polka Listen
  3. Northcoast Polka* Listen
  4. St. Joe’s Polka* Listen
  5. Oom-Pah Polka Listen
  6. Pause for Pecon Listen
  7. Avsenik’s Waltz Listen
  8. Tower City Waltz* Listen
  9. Lakeside Waltz* Listen
  10. When I’m 70 Waltz
  11. Collinwood Polka* Listen
  12. Naturally Novak* Listen

* denotes button accordion selections